9 Best Doubts Solving Apps For Android

Are you feeling confused or do you have any doubts about any subjects during your study time?

And don’t know very well that how to overcome these problems? then stick with these articles, where you know everything about the best doubts solving apps for android.

I’ll tell you the 9 Best Doubts Solving Apps For Android which are very helpful for school students.

Nowadays, especially in the Covid pandemic and during the lockdown, every class shifted from Offline to Online.

In this time, teachers don’t with you every time or your parents don’t able you solve all subject doubts, but the good news is technology always with you in a pocket in the form of doubts solving apps.

So, you can use these android apps, that used students to clear their all doubts and better understand any concepts of the chapter online by teachers.

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So, there are many apps available on the internet, but many of them don’t know which is best for them or not. For this, In this article here’s come up with some of the best doubt-solving apps for android which helps you during study time and boost your intelligence by using it.

Many students use these apps and improve their performance for better preparation for any examination or other competitive exams.

9 Best Doubt Solving App For Android


Doubtnut app provides you quick solutions to all doubts related to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, also for those students who preparing for IIT- JEE, NEET.

Every student who studies in class 6th-12th can easily use this app to solve all types of mathematical doubts like trigonometric, algebra, calculus, etc.

Especially, In Maths you can clear your all mathematical doubts within a few seconds by just scanning your questions with your smartphone and you will get immediately receive solutions step by step in video format.

The best thing about this app is that you connect with them by Doubtnut’s Whatsapp no. 8400400400 where you ask a question by sending question’s photos.

You will get study materials including NCERT book solutions, previous year papers for better exam preparation.


Most trusted doubts solving app used by more than 1.2+ crore school students since 2009.

This app gives you the best study materials like Chapterwise revision, sample papers, previous year papers, Live quizzers, etc.

The best feature of this app is that In case if you miss any live classes and you would like to revise concepts, then you can watch their recording class anytime.

This app contains more than 14,000+ video lessons with high animation videos that help students to understand each concept very well.

Apart from that, more than 9,000+ samples paper of both CBSE & ICSE for more practice and better understanding every concept by solving these sample papers.

You can also get all NCERT book solutions in just a few clicks.


BYJU’S -The learning app is one of the most popular doubt-solving apps among students in India.

It’s India’s largest ed-tech company and award-winning app like CNBC TV18 Crisil Emerging India Award for Education and more.

This app teaches every student with Interactive and engaging learning modules visually rich content, quizzes, and more.

Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology for class 1-12 (CBSE & ICSE) and other competitive exam preparation like JEE, CAT, NEET, etc.

This app used visual 3D animation videos and engaging learning modules which helps every student to better understand concepts and clear all their doubts in record time.

myCBSE guide

This app is most famous for CBSE students because this app solves your all doubts in all subjects like physics, chemistry, maths, biology from class 3rd to 12th.

It also helps you by proving sample papers and previous year’s question papers.

You will get regularly updated with the latest syllabus of CBSE and notification of every important update related to the CBSE board.

If anyone from NCERT, then this app also have all NCERT solution from class 3-12 Chapterwise.


Toppr helps many of students to clear their all doubts and make good students by teaching concepts of all subject like maths, chemistry, physics, etc.

If you have any doubts in your mind, then you can clear your all doubts in live classes with teachers, which is best for every student.

These apps are available on both platforms app store and google play store, anyone can download and use them.


If you are afraid of any mathematical problem, then don’t worry because Photomath helps you to teach fundamental maths concepts very easily.

This app is especially for maths students to solve their mathematical doubts like calculus, algebra, arithmetic, etc.

To solve your doubts just scan your maths problems by using your smartphone camera then you will immediately receive step-by-step solutions with an animation video for a better understanding of your concepts.


Vedantu has good quality of teachers across form India, these teachers give you better and valuable information related to your subjects and help to solve your all doubts.

This app provides helpful study materials for classes 6-12 ( CBSE & ICSE ) and other competitive exam preparations like IIT-JEE, NEET, Olympiad, and more.

You will get the best study materials like sample papers, previous year’s question papers.

Session gets recorded during live classes, you can watch recorded class later for quick revision anytime.

Free book solutions of NCERT, R.S Agrawal, H.C Verma, and R.D Sharma books solutions in one place.


VidyaKul is an Indian app that provides every student to learn online and achieve the best grades in exams.

This app is for classes 9-12 & entrance exams NEET, IIT-JEE, and more.

You will get 1000’s of E-books and hand-written notes by experts of your local languages to be good for your exam preparations.

Improve your study by practicing tests and getting detailed analysis reports where you can see your performance of each chapter and subject.

More than 265+ teacher with you and contains over 515+ video course which helps you to make better in the study.


Brainly is known as the world’s largest online learning community where you can clear doubts and do homework very easily.

They provide us with many subjects including Maths, physics, geography, history, law, medical so on.

Posting your questions or doubts on Brainly is very easy, anyone can do this in simple steps.

With 24/7 care support, you can clear your all queries anytime you want.

If you are confused or not sure that your answer is correct or not, then upload your answer to verify by experts volunteers community. You can use this app 24/7 anytime you want to clear your doubts.


These all list of doubts solving android apps mentioned in this articles, use these apps during self-study at home.

I hope you will enjoy these helpful articles that help you to choose the best app for your online study.

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