8 Deadly Blogging Mistake Mostly Beginners Do

I know you doing your best to grow your blog, but the result doesn’t come to you.

Starting a blog is not rocket science nowadays, anyone set up their blog in a couple of minutes. 

But the hard part comes when you doing some common blogging mistakes unknowingly.

Most blogs fail to generate any traffic from a search engine because they don’t know what they are doing wrong with their blog. 

The only way to grow your blog 2x (even more) is by avoiding this blogging mistake which I wrote in this article to know more about mistakes.

Let’s begin…

1. Not Publishing Original Content

First of all, if you don’t know what Duplicate content is, then have a look short definition of it.

In simple words, Duplicate content is a piece of content that is similar to or copied from other published blog content, known as “Duplicate Content”.  

Publishing duplicate content is most risky for your blog’s health. It badly hurt the SEO ranking of your site too.

Google never allows anyone to publish copied content. They always want unique and high-quality content from your blog. So do hard work to research your topic and write stunning content which is loved by google and your readers too.  

Google’s algorithm is smart day by day. They easily crawl and detect those websites that contain duplicate content and take action against them according to their guidelines to plagiarize or remove these types of sites.

Let’s see below what google’s guidelines said about it.  

So, don’t do this dangerous blogging mistake at any cost. 

According to a study by Raventools, there are 29% of pages crawled had duplicate content. 

I know it’s eye-opening statics that you heard, but it’s true.

Here is the practical solution to this problem. 

To do this, your articles should be 100% unique, and to do this you need proper research work.

And after this, you need plagiarism checker tools to scan blog articles, simply copy & paste your content on the tool, and they will show content is 100% Plagiarism-free or not.

Here you have two ways to use these tools – Paid and Free. 

But I recommend that don’t go quickly with paid tools because free tools are also effective for finding duplicate content. You can easily shift to paid tools later but in starting use free tools.

Don’t miss out to look at these free tools list : 

8 Deadly Blogging Mistake Mostly Beginners Do

You don’t have Consistency on the blog

Do you know the top secret why some bloggers are widely successful and some fail?

Short answer: Consistency.

You always notice one common thing in most successful bloggers they have always consistent in their work. 

So, to avoid this deadly mistake, make a schedule of publishing content whether once a week or twice a month, but the frequency of posting content should be regular. 

I know that most beginners doing this same mistake and struggle to come up with new ideas for the next article.

For this, you can use an Editorial content calendar to maintain blog consistency and avoid this mistake too. 

You will plan your upcoming blog post content in advance which saves you lots of time and energy to think every time about the topic.

An editorial content calendar helps to organize your ideas in one place, you don’t should jump from one place to another place. 

And it also increases productivity level and decreases confusion because all blogging work is already organized.  

Any blogger in any niche whether it’s Food, Travel, Designing, or marketing niches, needs to use a content calendar to plan their content. 

In-content calendar tools include these features – 

  • Categories 
  • Blogpost content ideas 
  • Keywords 
  • Deadline 
  • The headline of the blog 

And features go on…

However, they are tools some are paid and free, but I talk about free tools now. 

  • Trello (my favorite) 
  • Evernote 
  • Google Calendar 
  • CoSchedule 
  • Blogely

You can choose any one of them which is better for you, But I personally use Trello for it.

8 Deadly Blogging Mistake Mostly Beginners Do

Not publishing long-form content to get traffic.

It’s a very common mistake that I also doing in my starting days of blogging. 

What I do that I publish short content of around 500-600 words and think my blog is growing by doing this.

But I was doing totally wrong.

Because It’s far much better than publishing in-depth and detailed content instead to write 5 low-quality garbage articles and hitting publish button every day. 

Most beginners think more content = more traffic.

It’s true when you published effective and high-quality content.

So, do proper research work to write a piece of content that includes A to Z about the topic and write High- quality content where you add some screenshots, infographics, and statics data that grabs lots of audiences.

Not knowing well your Target Audience of Blog 

So, What targeted audience is a targeted audience of a group of people who are interested in your offers and services which you provide via blog?  

No matter which niche you are in, finding a targeted audience should be your first work to do.

You must know general information about your targeted audience such as their name, age, gender, interest, etc.

Make buyer persona from this data.

For example- If you write a blog post about “fat loose”, then your targeted audience is overweight people who struggle to lose weight. But here if you write about “gadgets” then you’re failed to target the right people according to their needs.

If you know what’s your audience’s problems and needs then your content will successful because your articles help someone overcome their problems. 

And it also helps to attract more and more audiences who loved your blog content.

So, finding a targeted audience is the best way to grow a blog with fewer efforts. 

Not Sticking on ONE blog niche from starting

I have seen many bloggers who started a blog then write anything which revolves around their minds and even if they don’t have a clear vision of the niche.

So, before launching your new blog, then you need to prepare a content strategy for a blog that helps to focus on one direction while going to writing. 

Trying to cover too many things from the beginning of your journey, and think your blog growing like a skyrocket that grabs tons of traffic, then you think in the wrong direction. 

Because these deadly mistakes are direct effects of your blogging success and also drop your content quality.

However, lots of topics are there to write but you don’t write all topics to grow your blog, only need to stick to ONE niche and write a blog continuously to see better growth.

There are some benefits to sticking to ONE topic is that people think you’re an expert on a particular topic and they come back again and again on the blog if you write stunning content. 

Another benefit is that audience remembers your blog name when they face problems and recommend others to visit the blog.

Think this way… 

How do you become an expert in all the fields where you discuss too many topics on the blog?  

Absolutely NOT.

In short, you always try to focus only on one niche then you will expand your topic later when the blog got a good amount of organic traffic. 

Not Building an Email List from Day 1 

One of the most effective marketing channels they give you more ROI compared to any other marketing platform.

The biggest mistake that most beginner bloggers does is not creating an email list from day 1.

Email marketing has stilled the king of lead generation, generating sales numbers, and more benefits.

In fact, there are many bloggers who are widely successful and earn a good amount of money they all are focused on building an email list.

So, why are you still don’t do this? 

You build trust and relationships with your email subscribers by providing them with value and important updates in their spaces. 

And It’s also helpful to promote your new post. Simply, write some words (related to the post) and add a link to the blog at the end.

So, the question is here how to build an email list?

To build email lists for your blog, offer some freebie things because the audience loves the word: FREE 

This is a very simple but effective way to do this even beginners also do.

The sound looks good, right?

For this, you can offer PDFs, Ebooks, Courses, and Cheatsheets for FREE. 

Not know the Power of proper Keyword Research for Blog 

No doubts the main reason why some bloggers fail to receive organic traffic from a search engine is not proper knowledge of the keyword researching process. 

It’s not rocket science to come up with the best keyword idea that the audience is actually searching on google’s search box.

However, there are many tools both Free and Paid. 

But for now, I don’t recommend you to go with paid tools and spend money on keyword research.

You can perform this task on Free tools and then move later on to paid tools when you have a budget. 

Here are some lists of free keyword research tools: 

8 Deadly Blogging Mistake Mostly Beginners Do

In free tools, you will see keyword information such as their search volume, CPC, SD (Seo Difficuility), competition, and so on. 

I think this data is enough for you to come up with a good keyword list that performs well on the search engine to boost your blog traffic. 

One more thing I recommend is that is always focused on Long-tail keywords instead of the main keyword. 

Here’s why I’m telling this. 

Because no doubt that the main keyword has a more competitive and high search volume where lots of authorized websites already ranking on this particular keyword. 

So, it’s a very hard game to beats your competitor’s website and rank your site in the #1 position.

With long-tail keywords may be easier to rank your blog in a competitor’s crowd because of low search volume and low competitors,  if you search keywords smartly then you’ll climb on the first page.

Example:best smartphones” – it’s your main topic.

But on other hand “best smartphone under 10,000rs. In India” – it’s your long-tail keyword. 

It’s easier to rank long-tail keywords instead of trying to rank short keywords because of competition and the search volume difference between these keywords.

Quick hack: Use long-tail keywords on Meta descriptions, titles, and Heading (H1, H2, H3) to see better results on blog traffic. 

Stop Using Images from Google directly 

If you are one of the bloggers, who directly copy images from google to use on their blog. 

If your answer is YES, then you doing totally wrong with your blog and it will be very costly sooner or later. 

Because all of the images you saw on google, are copyrighted by their owners, and still if want to use them, then you will take permission for using images on your blog. 

It’s a safe game. 

Another much better option is to create your own blog images using your creativity. For this, there are some outstanding Copyrighted free image sites that help to discover images.

Simply, download images from the above website, and to make them more attractive then use image editor tools to add text, color adjustment, brightness, and more customization like this. 

I personally used Canva to create and edit my all images.


I hope you receive some valuable information after reading this post and that you know very well that you doing blogging in the wrong or right direction.

So, avoid these blogging mistakes to grow fastly in your journey.

If you have any doubts or questions related to this topic, you can freely ask me through the comment section.

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