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7 sweet Nintendo Switch games

If you want to play the best Nintendo Switch game, but don’t have time to explore every crack in “Barbarians”, or find your way out in the life of a gossip traveler who is nowhere to be found, then we will do our best for your service. Only listed. Yes.

You can catch many Switch games in a few hours, which is not worth it compared to the larger games available on the best-selling Nintendo console.

One of the biggest advantages of Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite is their portability: you can play on a sofa, bed or (usually) sofa, and the handheld form factor makes it ideal. Suitable for short games that do not require a lot of time investment

Therefore, we have compiled 7 favorite Nintendo Switch games that you can start playing in one afternoon or several times. There should be more than seven, but we think it is reasonable to ensure that this list is not too long.

  • A Short Hike
  • Florence
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts
  • What Remains of Edith Finch
  • Gris
  • Donut County
  • Katana Zero

A Short Hike

 7 sweet Nintendo Switch games
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Starting in 2020, the number of outstanding switching games has increased. In the game, you play as a young bird woman named Claire, who is trying to climb a mountain. Although his time is short, the game’s progress system is very satisfying. You can find “Gold Wings” to help Clay climb. From helpless climbers to shady dealers, try to go to college and you will complete an extensive game covering all characters-the last moments of the game are definitely worth a visit.


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You will also find Florence on iOS, but Switch is the natural home of a short interactive romance, which marks the beginning, duration and end of the romance between young accountants and saxophone musicians. Although its mechanism is simple (you can also play it on the iPhone after all), it has a heartfelt feeling and heavy emotions, and its rich animation does help to form short-lived relationships. justice

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a rhythm action game that you can find on today’s Nintendo Switch. You play as a woman, trying to gather broken hearts together, racing, jumping, let her cross the neon level, in order to achieve the passionate tone of Sonora’s wild injury. This is a game that will always exist and is worth experiencing again to get the most synchronized experience.

What Remains of Edith Finch

This award-winning walking simulation game developed by developer Giant Sparrow is an important game that combines environmental stories with interactive mechanisms. You play Edith Finch, who has returned to her “cursed” family home to re-examine your experience in the form of a drama to check the family’s death diary.

However, even at Ramshakal’s vast family crossroads, there is a sense of frivolity and change, turning his family tragedy into a fictional story whose authenticity never disappears.


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Switch games will not be more intense than this. Gris is a captivating animated 2D platformer, in which soft brushstrokes of watercolor slowly fill your surroundings as you progress through the ruins, deserts, and estuaries and try to leave behind the dark ink-spots of sorrow behind you Give

There’s a sort of progression system and some nifty maneuvers to help you navigate the game’s delicate levels, but Gris is largely about bringing color to a gray world – and platforming for its shortening. Very good in comparison. game time. From the figure-changing costumes of the protagonist to the awe-inspiring statues of the game, the crumbling sculptures have the touch of a true artist, and it’s something we’d love to see more of on Nintendo’s handheld-hybrid console.

Donut County

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No, it’s not really about donuts – but Donut County is a smart and playful puzzler that is very much worth your (limited) time. You play as a mischievous racer in control of a sinkhole, one that grows ever larger with maneuvering objects of the city, cars, buildings, and locating people in its endless void. the existence? very. Delicious? That too.

Katana Zero

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You don’t need to know this game in good times. Katana Zero has made great achievements in profitable cosmology. Its time-sensitive drug “Chronos” enables the assassin who killed the katana to immediately undo his actions, while the immediate action actually “makes it a force.” One kind of rewinding pleasure, another kind of rewinding pleasure is a real pleasure-at the same time the rattling side of the game adds great spontaneity, whether it is being hit by a stone or being born for the universe and creatures, Still open your physician. Don’t say that we have not warned you.

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