7 SEO Friendly Blogger Themes To Boost Your Ranking On Google

Bots are used by search engines like Google and Bing to crawl the web, moving from site to site, collecting information about those sites, and indexing them. Consider the index to be a big library where a librarian may pull up a book (or a web page) to assist you in finding exactly what you’re searching for.

How Bots Collect information About Your Blog

Well Bots Collect Information What your Website SEO Tells them. If your Website or blog is Have good seo Score Then your website is going to rank higher on the search result.

Why SEO Friendly Blogger Theme?

Ready for SEO Blogger designs can help you increase the amount of organic visitors to your blog. Every blogger aspires to have the perfect site and to write high-quality material, but great content isn’t the only way to gain organic traffic from search engines. You must also utilize correctly designed and professionally crafted SEO optimized blogger templates at the same time.

A blogger theme must be constructed in such a way that it meets all of the search engines’ requirements. Everything should be done perfectly, whether it’s the schema or the metadata. In order for bots to quickly crawl across your site, a Blogspot theme should feature a balanced quantity of header and subheading characteristics.

Now let’s head to the 7 SEO Friendly Blogger Themes To Boost Your Ranking On Google

7 SEO Friendly Blogger Themes

  1. Feedify Blogger Template
  2. Mina Blogger Template
  3. Seofy Blogger Template
  4. Foodicious Blogger Template
  5. Neeon Blogger Template
  6. Poppy Blogger Template
  7. Foxz Blogger Template

Feedify SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Feedify SEO Friendly Blogger Theme

Key Features

  • SEO Friendly
  • Fast-Loading
  • Multi Purpose Theme

About Freedify

Feedify is a multi-featured, fast-loading theme built with the current version of Blogger framework. This theme is ideal for niches like News, Fashion, tech.

It has a lightning-quick reaction time thanks to its extensive feature set. It contains several ad areas where you may show your affiliate and sponsor adverts without having to worry about the theme layout. It includes a variety of advertising alternatives, including header advertisements, display ads, footer ads, infeed ads, and more. If you’re considering making money online.

Mina SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Mina SEO Friendly Blogger Theme

Key Features

  • Seo Friendly
  • Ads Ready 
  • Slideshow 

About Mina

Mina is the most sophisticated theme of 2022, with a distinct style and a pleasing color palette. It has a full-width slider and a post section that shows the material appropriately. Mina is a completely responsive Blogger theme that is clean, contemporary, user-friendly, fast-loading, configurable, versatile, and useful. It works with all current browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and many others. Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Personal blogs will benefit from the Mina template.

This theme has several advertisement areas where you may simply show your affiliate and sponsor banners. It supports all of Google’s accessible languages. This theme uses the most recent version of SEO meta tags to make it search engine friendly for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Safari, and other search engines.

Seofy SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Seofy SEO Friendly Blogger Theme

Key Features

  • Responsive 
  • Seo Friendly
  • Ads Ready

About Seofy

is Templatesyard’s most recent generation theme. It has a number of unique codes that take the theme’s functionality and aesthetic to the next level. It has a lot of configurable features, which makes it easy for users to customize the theme to their needs. It features a specific slider at the top where you may professionally present your premium or popular article to the public.

The theme loads extremely quickly, in microseconds. This theme is intended for the most popular and trending categories, such as news, technology, and food. The theme comes with SEO meta tags pre-installed, making it search engine friendly and allowing you to rank well in your chosen area.

Foodicious SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Foodicious SEO Friendly Blogger Theme

Key Features

  •  Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Ads Ready

About Foodicious

Foodicious Blogger Template has a user interface that is both basic and appealing. This theme is ideal for food blogs and bakery-related companies. It features several areas where you may present a range of cuisine dishes in an organized and professional manner. Foodicious has a slider and post-sharing options, which enable the site reach a variety of target groups and generate different forms of visitors.

This theme has pre-installed meta and SEO tag codes, which assist the blog in dealing with all existing search engines and achieving a high position. The theme is adaptable and works on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It’s also compatible with all browsers, including Chrome.

Neeon SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Neeon SEO Friendly Blogger Theme

Key Features

  • Drop Down Menu 
  • Email Subscription Widget
  • SEO Friendly

About Neeon

Neeon is one of the best themes created by using the latest version of blogger frameworks and all the latest functions. This theme contains various widgets which help the content to showcase in a well professional and sorted manner. Neeon theme is specially designed for the niches like Food ,Travel, and many others which is suitable. It has lightweight code which makes this theme.

Poppy SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Poopy SEO Friendly Blogger Theme

Key Features

  •  Responsive 
  • Seo Friendly 
  • Ads Ready 

About Poopy

is a professional, fast, and fully customizable theme that is based on the latest generation of codes. The theme comes with an elegant look and has an eye-catching structure. This theme has some embedded functions which make this theme unique and professional. It comes with a Full-screen slider and hot posts which is very useful to give the contents a spotlight. The template has customization options that anyone can do by following the provided documentation without touching a single code of the theme.

Foxz SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Foxz SEO Friendly Blogger Theme

Key Features

  •  Responsive
  • Seo Friendly
  • Slideshow

About Foxz

is the latest generation theme created by Templatesyard. It has numerous unique codes which take this theme to next level in features and design. It carries many customizable options which are very useful for users to set up this theme according to their requirements. It has a special slider on the top where you can display your premium or popular post to the audience in a professional way.


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