7 key SEO ranking factors 2022 that take your website from zero to Hero

what is SEO? why it is important for you? What are SEO ranking factors 2022? How to rank website higher in 2022?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It’s the practice of increasing the search engine rankings of your website on your web page, so that they appear higher in the search result. Bringing more traffic to your website organically, basically, is optimizing your website so people can find it easily. When they go to the search engines.

Now let’s talk about the 7 ranking factors 2022 that you need to know. 

SEO ranking Factors 1 – Increase CTR Decrease Bounce Rate

7 key SEO ranking factors 2022 that take your website from zero to Hero

Google uses an artificial intelligence system to analyse the websites and rank it. The things that they look for in this specific artificial intelligence program is the click through rate. That means when somebody goes to Google, they search for a phrase or for a keyword.

The search results full of website links come on their browser and click on one of the link

From That how many people are clicking on your links Gives you the CTR Ratio

Bounce rate – if somebody clicks on your link, they go to your page, how many people go back to the Google search result that is telling Google that they didn’t find what they were looking for on your website. So that’s the bounce rate that we have to keep low to rank higher on google.

SEO ranking Factor 2 – Social Signals

Are you using social media? How are your social media helping with your SEO? Are they driving traffic to your website? Do you have your links there? Are they working as a backlink for your website? All that is inside the social signals.

SEO ranking Factor 3 – Real Business Information

If you have a business it is good to have the real business information on your page optimised in a way that Google can find it easily. 

You can go to Google and search for any company. You will see that the company information is here on the right side with all the details of the company and this is very important and you can also use this to get more traffic and rank better on the search engines. 

SEO ranking Factor 4 – Optimised Content

By optimised content i am referring to a seo optimised content 

how you optimise your posts that contain the keywords that your target audience are searching on Google and in all the search engines.

SEO ranking Factor 5 – SSL

it’s important to have an HTTPS website and secure certificate installed.

That’s one of the most important ranking factors that Google looks at when they are analysing your website. 

SEO ranking Factor 6 – Page Speed

How fast is your website, when somebody goes to your domain, how many seconds it takes to completely load the page, how it’s performing in mobile, because they also analyse the mobile speed.

SEO ranking Factor 7 – Mobile friendliness

Mobile friendliness is very important to rank higher on google lets suppose if your website niche is blogging and someone search something regarding blogging on his mobile and if your site is mobile friendly google prefer your site in search result,

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