5 Wonderful Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers: Are you a teacher? Then the work from Home sure has taken a heavy toll on you. You must have foraged numerous methods to stay connected with your students and engage your students in studies.

In connecting with your students, you must have explored many options online that let you keep in touch with them. If only you had Known Some Best Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers that we are about to expose you to, your life would have been a lot easier in the pandemic.

No worries! There is still time, and you can still use these products to engage with your students.

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Best Google Chrome Extension

Google Classroom

Educational institutions have been shut down, and the pressure shifted to teachers to finish the syllabus and make the students prepared for their upcoming classes.

People who are badly in need of video conferencing platforms crowded to Zoom, Google meets, and Whatsapp video calls. But Google classroom is the best-recommended option for teachers and professionals.

Unlike Zoom and Google meets, Google Classroom offers many other features that resemble a virtual classroom. You can now teach your students without feeling the digital barrier because Google classroom has all the features you and your students need.

You can communicate and receive feedback. It is easy to create and organize lesson plans, schedules, home works, and lecture notes. So, it no longer matters if your school is closed You Can Use Google Classroom Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Evernote web

Most of you might have already heard and known this name. But how many of you know that Evernote web is an excellent platform for e-learning. The best part is Evernote web is compatible with both your desktop and mobile. You can create, manage, and organize your lessons, ideas, schedules, and notes anytime and anywhere. Evernote web also enables you to embed audio and video files and is one of the best Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Google Keep

Google Keep is poor man’s “Good notes.” Goodnotes is a note-taking interface available only on Apple iOS. Good notes is lauded for their flexibility. Google Keep almost resembles the functionality of “Good notes.” Now, you don’t have to maintain two separate apps or platforms for organizing handwritten and type-written notes.

Google Keep allows you to write, type, doodle, and draw. If you are looking for a one-stop destination that lets you organize all your notes, Google Keep is the solution.

Google Calendar

Isn’t it a nightmare to take mental note of all classes’ schedules you teach? An app or site would have made your life simpler! Do you feel the same?

Download Google Calendar right away. It’s A Good Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers. Besides creating plans, Google Calendar allows to activate reminders, track progress, and even add notes.


Are you confused about how to make your class an interactive and engaging one? Playposit is your best solution. It helps in converting your video content into interactive learning within just 15 minutes by embedding questionnaire and tracking the students’ progress. Playposit is by far an ideal place to build an interactive and actionable classroom.

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Final Thought

These are just a few Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers. There are many more like Zoom, Wevideo, Peardeck, and many other things to experiment with.

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