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5 Ways To Fix PS5 Error CE-1005-6 (2023)

Fix PS5 Error CE-1005-6 (2023): Several video game players and console fans prefer Sony’s PS5 as their console of choice. That’s because it can now run most of the latest console applications and games with a solid CPU, GPU, and massive SSD storage. But some people reportedly had issues with it, most notably the PS5 error CE-10005-6.

Your PS5 often encounters this problem when you update a game or software. For example, if the console loses internet access while installing a game, PS5 Error CE-1005-6 might appear on the screen. In other words, your connectivity will lag while the game is downloading and installing on your console.

PS5 Error E2-00000000 and CE-107863-5 can also appear on your screen if your connection to the internet is having problems while installing a game. Scratches or smudges on your game disc can also lead to PS5 Error CE-1005-6. In other words, the marks or dents make it impossible for your system to read the data from the gaming disc. Therefore, the information is not copied and transferred to the console’s drive.

Use these 5 techniques to fix PS5 error CE-1005-6 (2023).

What is PS5 error CE-1005-6 ?

As said before, this mostly happens when installing a game from a physical disc. Error code CE-10005-6 is displayed along with the phrase “Something went wrong”. You can still encounter this problem when trying to purchase and install a video game or software without a disc.

The most common causes of this error are listed below:

Before installing any PS5 game or software, check if the disc is intact and readable. Examine the disc for scratches or other types of damage as these could be the cause of the PS5 issue. CE-10005-6.

  • Bad Internet connection:

It would be helpful if you had a reliable internet connection to avoid problems while your console is downloading apps or games from the internet. Once the transmission is interrupted, there is a high possibility that the PS5 CE-10005-6 will manifest itself.

Use these 6 techniques to fix PS5 error CE-1005-6 (2023).

Use these 6 techniques to fix PS5 error CE-1005-6 (2023).

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5 Ways To Fix PS5 Error CE-1005-6 (2023)

Fix PS5 Error CE-1005-6

Knowing all the possible reasons behind this error, one can try the following fixes to fix the PS5 app issue. But first, choose the strategy that works best for the error you are experiencing in the PS5 by carefully following each step.

Reboot your PS5

The PS5 issue CE-10005-6 can be fixed using a proven approach which is to turn the console off and on again. It resets your device to fix most problems and glitches temporarily.

While the PS5 is on, press and hold the power button until the power button stops blinking.
Next, unplug the console’s power cord and give it 20 minutes to drain all power.
Reconnect the power cord and then turn on your PS5.
Check if the error persists after installing the game.

Restarting your wireless router

Unplug the power adapter and turn off your router.
De-energize the router components for 30 seconds.
Reconnect the power adapter and turn on the router.
Wait for your PS5 to automatically connect to Wi-Fi before you start downloading the game.
Check if the PS5 error has been fixed.

Clean PS5 physical discs

If you insert a scratched or dirty disc, your console will encounter this error because: Cannot read the disc. Remove the disc from your PS5. And clean it with a soft cloth sufficiently moistened with alcohol or water. Be careful when using; Only use the silicone hub and its edges; Never touch the sides as this can result in streaks.

Restart PS5 in Safe Mode

Follow these instructions to restart your PS5 in safe mode.

Turn off your PS5 and hold the power button; until you hear two beeps. Your PS5 will now enter Safe Mode as soon as you quickly release the button.
Connect your PS5 controller via USB.
Choose the first option or restart PS5. Select it and wait for your PS5 to restart.
Check if the problem persists after downloading the game.

Reinsert PS5 Physical Disk

Reinserting the physical disc from the tray is one method to fix the PS5 CE-10005-6 error. It can prompt its own console; to install the game or app to bypass the problem. It mainly works when your disc is overheating or getting too hot. Simply reinserting after cooling will fix the problem.

If Problem Presist Talk to Sony support

After trying all the above solutions, contact Sony support to solve the problem. Even after that you still have problems. If underlying hardware damage is the root cause of PS5 error CE-10005-6, their technical experts are more than capable of solving console issues.

Thanks to its excellent specs and massive SSD storage, it can run various games on PS5. However, your console is still experiencing issues like PS5 error CE-10005-6. Therefore, these six techniques should help you figure out how to fix this PS5 application and game downloading problem.

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