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4 ways to fix error code 2618 in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is Nintendo’s surprise hit game. Millions of people around the world are playing it and its fan base is expanding very quickly. This sudden increase in players can cause some server issues like error code 2618 in Animal Crossing.

When trying to access the Internet or visit your friend’s island, this problem may be accompanied by a “One or more other devices are not responding” warning.

On their Switch console, Nintendo customers may see error code 2618 when trying to connect with other gamers for matchmaking. The main reasons for this are wrong network configuration or unreliable internet connection.

Although it is annoying, you are undoubtedly not the only one with this problem. A similar issue has been raised by thousands of gamers recently. More importantly, it is very easy to fix error code 2618 in Animal Crossing.

What is error code 2618 in Animal Crossing?

If you can’t complete the matchmaking process, you’ll get error code: 2617-0513, says Nintendo Support. According to this error number, your network is not suitable for P2P connections. Obviously, this is a network problem, which can be caused by your ISP, your Internet connection speed, or your network’s NAT configuration.

Error code 2618 in Animal Crossing

What Cause Error Code 2618 in Animal Crossing

A thorough investigation into this problem revealed several possible causes for this particular error code 2618 in Animal Crossing. Here is a list of possible causes:

Unreliable DNS range: As it turns out, this particular problem is often reported as an invalid DNS range, which leads the console to assign NAT type D and eventually block inbound connections to most P2P games. To fix this problem you must change your DNS settings and switch to a more reliable domain such as the one provided by Google.

TCP/IP cached data corruption: This error is probably the result of a problem with the IP and TCP data your router is storing. In this situation, you can solve the problem by restarting or resetting your existing network device and refreshing the TCP/IP data.

ISPs assign private IP ranges: You should know that many European ISPs have started assigning private IPs, which can cause problems with some switch features designed to support peer-to-peer connections. If this situation occurs, the only way to resolve the issue is to talk to your ISP and request that your IP address be transferred to a public IP range.

How to fix error code 2618 in Animal Crossing?

If you encounter error code 2618 in Animal Crossing close the error message box and retry the matchmaking procedures. If you try again, chances are you’ll connect with someone.

However, if you consistently encounter error code 2618 in Animal Crossing while trying to connect with other players or a specific person, follow the instructions below to run a connection check on your Nintendo Switch system:

DNS setting

DNS setting

Solution 1: Changing the DNS configuration

You should remember that Nintendo has chosen to restrict NAT type D (closed) for years, but NAT type C has also been found to cause a lot of inherent problems with P2P titles like Splatoon 2.

If you have to stick with NAT type D or C, and you have no way around it, changing the current DNS settings can help you overcome the switch error code 2618 in Animal Crossing and start running P2P games without problems.

Many affected customers have reported that this particular solution works even when they are not connected to a regulated connection at school, work or community. If this situation seems to apply to you, use these steps to modify your Nintendo Switch device’s default DNS settings:

Start by clicking the Home logo on your Switch controller. It’s right below the right control stick. Once you’re in the home menu, use the most vertical bar below the icons to get to the Settings icon.

Enter the Settings menu, select the Internet tab, and then select the Internet Settings icon from the displayed menu. After that, a list of registered networks should appear. Select the network you are currently using by cycling between them. Then, click A to open the context menu and select DNS Settings from the list of readily available options.

Changing the DNS configuration

Changing the DNS configuration

As soon as you are in the DNS menu, select Manual at the first prompt. Then, select Primary DNS and type as Primary DNS only. Next, type as Secondary DNS and click Save.

Check if the problem is fixed by repeating the action that created the error in the first place. If this solution doesn’t apply, or if you’ve tried the above steps before and still receive the same error message, move on to the next potential solution below.

Solution 2: Refresh TCP/IP cached data

The second most frequent cause of this type of instability, which is TCP or IP-related and interferes with your switch’s ability to communicate with an Internet server, should be investigated if adjusting the DNS settings does not resolve the issue in your particular case.

If this situation applies, you have two options to fix the problem: resetting your router or rebooting the router.

If you haven’t tried this possible solution yet, start by physically unplugging the power cord from your router and leaving it disconnected for a minute to make sure the power batteries/capacitors are fully discharged. Next, click the Start button on the back of the router to turn it off.

Pro tip: If your laptop or notebook is having a problem, consider using Restoro Repair, which can analyze repositories and update corrupt and missing data and files.

After this time is up, reattach the power cable and restart the network device by pressing the power button once more. If the switch error code 2618 is still not resolved then you should proceed with the router reset method.

Reset the router

Reset the router

Reset the router

Before proceeding, you should know that this process will ultimately lead you to reset any customized settings like forwarded ports, PPPoE credentials, blacklisted devices, etc.

If you realize the risks and decide to proceed with the process, you will need a sharp tool (small screwdriver, needle, or toothpick) to reset the router. This is important as a reset button is usually built in to prevent accidental pushes.

When you’re ready, press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds or until all the front LEDs flash simultaneously. After the reset process is complete, try re-establishing your internet connection to check if the issue is resolved.

Note: If you are using PPPoE you must re-enter the credentials provided by your ISP first. If the switch error code 2618 error still persists then go to the potential solution below.

Solution 3: Contacting the ISP

If none of the above solutions help you and you continue to have this problem whenever you try to connect to the online component, you may be using an ISP that uses private IP addresses, which makes it easier to use NAT type C.

Check the NAT type

Check the NAT type

In that scenario, your only option to resolve the issue is to talk to your ISP and request that they provide you with a public IP. This is often the case with European ISPs who are at the forefront of enforcing laws to protect user privacy.

If you think you have this problem, here’s a quick guide to help you through the process of learning your Nintendo Switch’s NAT type:

On your Nintendo Switch system, go to the main screen and select System Settings. When you are in the System Settings menu, select the Internet tab from the menu screen on the left and then select the Test Connection option from the menu on the right.

When the test is finally completed, look for the letter corresponding to the NAT type in the list of results. If this letter is C then there is a good chance that your ISP uses private IPs.

Solution 4: Firmware update and reset

If none of the above solutions work to fix error code error code 2618 in Animal Crossing on Nintendo, it is suggested to contact the router manufacturer for instructions on how to update the router firmware.

The problem may be brought by an older version and can be easily fixed after updating. Additionally, resetting the router to its original settings may help fix any bugs that are causing Nintendo to receive the error code 2618 in Animal Crossing.

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