4 Terrorist Encounter, Near Ban Toll Plaza in Nagrota, Jammu.

By | 19 Nov 2020

Because it was a forest area, if the terrorists came out of the truck, the encounter could go on for a long time. Due to the promptness of the security forces, the terrorists were not allowed to come out of the truck and the big accident was averted.

It was not easy for the security forces to kill the four terrorists. The terrorists had modern killers, the terrorists were constantly firing smoke bullets. But the security forces ended the operation by stacking the terrorists within two hours.

At present, the security forces are ensuring that the number of terrorists was only four. For this, search operation is going on not only on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway but also in the jungles adjacent to the area. Earlier on January 31, terrorists came in the same way by truck and they hid in the jungles. However, they were later piled by security forces.

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