4 eye-opening and unheard facts about Bigg Boss Show

By | 4 Oct 2020

Big Boss did not need to be introduced it is a very popular show according to its season 1 to season 13. But now Big Boss S14 is coming making not so much noise. As you all know the SSR case is making so much noise in the whole country which suppressed the noise of Big boss not only Of big boss but also of the whole Bollywood and their celebrities. Sushant Singh unexpected death is suspected to be due to nepotism in Bollywood which turned SSR fans against the Bollywood. The Big boss show also has seen to be put in fire by the Viewers.So we had prepared some shocking facts about Big Boss to reveal the real truth of such a baised show…

Here are top 5 shocking facts of big boss s14

The big boss is a biece show

4 eye-opening and unheard facts of Bigg Boss Show

The big boss s13 is the full piece. The runner up Asim Riaz is the real winner but Siddhart is made winner because the Colors TV owner wants Siddhart Shukla as the winner.

The Big Boss show’s weekend is scripted

4 eye-opening and unheard facts of Bigg Boss Show

In bigg boss Season 14 conference , Siddharth Shukla asked questions to Salman Khan saying question from medias side. But why media ask these useless question.

Contestants are foodie

4 eye-opening and unheard facts of Bigg Boss Show

They do not eat much food. But all contestants eat everything that they did not eat in the home. The only do big boss for free and healthy food and also to save money they spend on food

The show is scripted.

4 eye-opening and unheard facts of Bigg Boss Show

Ashi khan the big boss contestants seen to be very aggressive and a fighter jet in Bigg boss house. But same arshi saw in an interview with republic media she is reacting so dumb.

The show host is totally fake

4 eye-opening and unheard facts of Bigg Boss Show.
Salman khan is fake. 
Big boss facts

Salman Khan show in a set that he has a big heart but if someone put finger on salmon khan he becomes the most wanted like a character Radha in his film Most wanted.

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