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3 methods to fix Black Screen of Death Error

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to fix Black Screen of Death on Xbox One, even why you get it. There is a software bug that can cause a black screen on your monitor, which is bothering many Xbox One customers. The console’s dashboard is either completely blank or it repeatedly goes blank.

When this appears your dashboard movement is restricted. Although you can view some menus, most of the monitor is blacked out, making it difficult to use any of the dashboard controls. As a result you may become very irritable. We’ll take care of everything you need to do to get out of this situation quickly and enjoy Halo Infinite, FIFA 22 or your other favorite game.

How to fix Black Screen of Death on Xbox One?

Sometimes when you press the home button on your Xbox One, you only see a menu. But sometimes, you see nothing and it can all happen. But there is a really simple solution to that problem. So the first thing you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to go to your Xbox One console and you’re going to want to hold down the power button until you see the lights no longer come out.

Press the power button

Then go to the back of our Xbox One and remove the power cords, HDMI and any other cable you connected to your Xbox One. Also, you have to go to the big power cord and click it from the Xbox itself. Then you have to wait one to two minutes until you plug it back in and restart.

Now after you do that, you need to press the home button and we should start getting the green screen again. Now we just have to wait a bit and that’s it. Your problem will be solved. If this doesn’t work for you let’s move on to the next method.

Method 2

Now for people who are still having problems, what you can also do is you can go ahead and try using another HDMI cable and you can also use it on your monitor or TV. That could be your problem too.

So let’s go to our console, now what you need to do is turn it back on, turn it back off until you see no more lights coming out. Once it’s off, all you have to do is hold down the small black button under the power button. Also, you need to hold down the power button once.

Xbox One troubleshoot screen

Xbox One troubleshoot screen

So for people with a disk drive, what you want to do is hold down the eject button, and then you want to hold down the block button under the power button.

You’re going to hold these two buttons, and then after a few seconds, you’re going to press the power button once, but keep holding the previous two. If you hear two sounds coming, you should wait for the troubleshooting to appear on your screen.

In troubleshooting, you can try all these methods. But what I suggest you is that you should click “Continue”. But if it still doesn’t work, you should go back to troubleshoot (like how you did the first time), and then you should click on Reset this console.

Method 3

Sometimes it’s because something corrupted in your system can’t be fixed, we want to reset the Xbox. Also, you can only move with the d-pad, so don’t expect to use joysticks. After you click on “Reset this Xbox” in Troubleshooting, you will get two options.

The first option is “Gaps and Apps”; You can delete all your accounts, saved games, settings and home Xbox associations but keep installed games & apps. The second option in Reset U Xbox is “Remove All”; Delete all accounts, saved games, settings and home Xbox associations, and installed games & apps.

I suggest you remove everything and the reason may be something wrong with your games and applications. Removing everything is like a brand new console you just bought from the store and it removes everything as it says. Remember, this is the last option you should use if you have this problem.

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