255 people Died In Afghanistan Earthquake

According to the national news agency of Afghanistan, Earthquake in the Paktika region in the country’s east has killed at least 155 people. According to authorities, an earthquake early on Wednesday morning in eastern Afghanistan has killed at least 255 people.

The U.S. military has unceremoniously departed its longest-running battle since the international world essentially withdrew from Afghanistan when the Taliban gained control of the nation last year, yet there is little information about the magnitude 6-magnitude earthquake in Paktika region.

255 people Died In Afghanistan Earthquake

Any aid attempts for this 38 million-person nation would be complicated by that. The death toll and helicopter rescuer arrival were both reported by the government-run Bakhtar News Agency. Several individuals are reportedly buried under the debris of 90 houses in Paktika, according to the news agency’s director general Abdul Wahid Ryan, who posted the information on Twitter.

Victims were seen being loaded into helicopters in the Paktika region, which is close to the Pakistani border, in order to be flown out of the area. Images from the province that were widely shared online showed stone homes that had been wrecked, with locals rummaging among clay bricks and other debris. In addition to people lying on gurneys, Bakhtar tweeted video of a resident receiving IV fluids from a plastic chair outside his home’s ruins.

A deputy spokesperson for the Taliban administration named Bilal Karimi reportedly said on Twitter, “A strong earthquake struck four districts of Paktika province, killing and wounding hundreds of our compatriots and damaging dozens of buildings. To avert more devastation, we implore all relief organisations to dispatch personnel right away.

Neighboring The earthquake was recorded as having a magnitude of 6.1 in Pakistan. Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and other areas of the eastern Punjab province experienced tremors. According to the European Seismological Center (EMSC), 119 million people in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan felt the earthquake’s shocks across a distance of 500 kilometres (310 miles).

As the Indian tectonic plate collides with the Eurasian plate to the north, mountainous Afghanistan and the greater region of South Asia have long been susceptible to destructive earthquakes. Over 200 people were murdered in Afghanistan and bordering northern Pakistan in 2015 by a significant earthquake that slammed the nation’s northeast.

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