2022 Canva tips, tricks, and hacks to take your design to the Moon

In this post, I’ll show you 20 Canva tips, tricks, and hacks that you can use right away to improve your design skills with Canva and make your workflow run more smoothly.

Following are some Canva tips, tricks, and hacks that I wish I’d known when I first started canva.

Multiple layers

2022 Canva tips, tricks, and hacks to take your design to the Moon

Now, the first tip I’d like to share with you is that when working with multiple layers, you may come across layers that are quite close together. I prefer to select the middle layer, but this can be difficult at times. So, if you’re using a Mac, hold down the command key; if you’re using Windows, hold down the Ctrl key.

So, while holding down the command key, I’ll click on the mouse button. This will then select the layer beneath it. If I click again, the layer behind that will be selected and as you can see that layer is selected I can do whatever I want to it like changing colors.

Book OR E-Book Cover

2022 Canva tips, tricks, and hacks to take your design to the Moon

ne of the other features I love about Canva is that they have a range of book covers or ebook covers. If you simply search for ebook cover, you’ll see a range of these ebook covers right here. If you light up any of the ebook covers, you’ll see here you can edit it and do whatever you want. However, the issue then is that you’re stuck with this 2d, flat looking book cover. To make it look more realistic like an actual book cover, you can use a tool called Smart mock ups.

Canva Integration with SmartMockUps

2022 Canva tips, tricks, and hacks to take your design to the Moon

Thankfully, Canva does integrate with slot mock ups. And here’s how to do it. From the top you’ll see an option for smart mock ups, click on smart mock ups, click on Save. And what that’ll do is publish it. Go to smartmockups.com and sign up for a free account or upgrade for more designs.

Once you’re in go to all mock ups. And from the left, you’ll see here magazines and books. Choose a mock up style. Now you are limited depending on what level of plan you are. For this demo, I’m going to choose one of the free options you can see the pro ones have a lock icon there.

Let’s choose this one. Under blue collar you’ll see upload from select that choose Canva. And now I can see my template loaded there. From here you can crop your image, sometimes it may not fit, so just adjust it the way you want. Click on crop and continue. And now it’s on the actual mock up. I can also customize the background here. From what sound I can download it and use it for my website.

Shutter effect

2022 Canva tips, tricks, and hacks to take your design to the Moon

The next tip I want to share with you is adding a shutter effect. It’s as simple as selecting the text, going to effects and choosing shadow. And there you have the shadow.

Now you can make final adjustments such as the color of the shadow. So let’s say white, you can change the direction and the angle of your shadow, you can also change the transparency of the next step is quite fundamental and will be handy no matter what you are designing on Canva that is moving certain elements. to really fine tune the elements on your design, all you need to do is just use your arrows on your keyboard.

And I’m simply pressing up and down. Or you can hold the key left and right now that’s going to only move at one pixel at a time, you can hold the Shift key on your keyboard and move it so that it moves 10 pixels at a time, like so.

Gradient Bakground

2022 Canva tips, tricks, and hacks to take your design to the Moon

Next up, I want to show you how to add a gradient to the background of any image. So simply go to elements search for gradient, what you want to look for is the square. So I’m going to select that, that’s going to apply it to your design, I’m just going to drag it so that it starts from the corner there and then drag it from the corner.

From here you can change the colors by looking at the top left, changing the first color, I’ll just change it to yellow and the secondary color to orange. And as you can see, now we’ve got the gradient effect. You can also make the Gradient Stop the other way.

So click on flip, flip horizontally. Now this is very cool. If you want it going horizontally just use the Rotate feature. And like so. A really simple way to add text instead of going to text and then choosing from there, you simply hit the T button on your keyboard. From there you can change the sizes and do whatever you want to it.

Color Palette

2022 Canva tips, tricks, and hacks to take your design to the Moon

Next up if you use specific colors on a regular basis, it’s wise to use their brand kit so that you can refer back to it like mine right here I’ve got some colors you can see here. That’s my color palette based on my branding. All you need to do if you are on the design, you can click on add another palette, or from the homepage click on brand kit. From here click on add a new palette, select all the colors that you want.

Once it’s added give it a name. To start using your brand colors. Simply select an element let’s say this text then going to To the color. And now you can see the new color palette added. Now I can select whatever colors I want based on those colors.

Final Thought

Above Mentioned Canva Tips, Hacks, Tricks are just for you to understand how cool designs you can design. Just Let your creativity Run Wild, Keep Experimenting, And Never Stop Learning

Thats it For This Post Thanks You for Reading

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