10+ YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

If you’re camera-shy, you’re not alone. The fear of being in front of the camera is the daughter of the most pervasive fear on the planet, the fear of speaking in public. 75% of the world has the same fear. Making a YouTube video and getting your thoughts out in front of millions can be paralyzing for many.

When you’re afraid to be in front of the camera, you have two options.

Get over it or avoid it. Neither option is wrong.

Having a YouTube channel should be a fun and comfortable experience. If being in front of the camera keeps you from doing that, you can create a YouTube channel that works around it.

Fortunately, some of the most successful YouTuber channels in the world are “faceless YouTube channels,” where creators never show their faces, and they don’t have to.

Some Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

A compilation of YouTube channels

Compilations are great for anyone who wants to make YouTube videos without showing their face or using their voice. This is great because you’ll be using other people’s content to create compilation videos on certain topics. These channels can be very successful and get a lot of viewing time, but be aware of the legality of using other people’s content. This style requires attention to copyright issues.

Unboxing and Product Reviews

If you use the physical product but don’t want to show your face, you can make an unboxing video.

Unboxing videos are videos of you unpacking, viewing the contents, and recording your first reaction when you first see the product. You can only save your hands and reviews when unpacking the product. Pretty easy to produce.

People love watching unboxing videos out of curiosity and an unfiltered feel for the product.

Unbox Therapy has more than 17.5 million subscribers. Today, the owner shows his face, but he starts with a stationary aerial camera that captures only his hands, products and his first impressions.

You can also conduct in-depth reviews of software, games, online courses, mobile apps and services, all without showing up.

You can monetize your unboxing channel or comment on your channel with YouTube ads, although affiliate marketing can be more lucrative.

When you become an affiliate of the product you are reviewing, you can put your affiliate link in your video description. If a viewer clicks your link and then makes a purchase, you get a commission. You can combine advertising with affiliate marketing to create two revenue streams from all your videos.

Brands or sponsors who want you to view their products can also contact you. You can get compensation or get a free product. As long as you reveal this in the comments and share your honest opinion, your followers won’t feel cheated and you’ll stay safe with the FTC’s disclosure requirements.

Live commentary from the event

Another type of YouTube video that seems to be popular lately is live commentary during live events such as sporting events.

For example, many people dislike commentators whose television channels choose to cover certain sporting events.

This is where you can come in and be an alternative while getting paid.

For example, you can comment on YouTube Live during the Super Bowl and people will listen to you while watching the game.

A well-known YouTuber is Joe Rogan. When he’s not offering personal commentary at UFC or other martial arts events, he sometimes hosts an alive “fighting mate” show on YouTube with some of his closest friends.

I wanted to play a sample episode of Fight Companion here, but since Joe Rogan signed an exclusive deal with Spotify, most of those videos have been removed from YouTube.

So here’s an example of the same concept, but with a group of friends watching and breaking down a live basketball game.

Software Tutorial

Many people find it difficult to learn new software. Others want to learn specific things through apps. If you have intermediate to advanced software skills, you can create video tutorials that show you your screen and teach viewers how to do something step-by-step.

Software tutorials are slightly different from other how-to videos. You’ll be taking screenshots, so you don’t need to set up a camera. You can record your screen with a variety of tools, including Camtasia, Screencast-O-Matic, and Tella.

TeachExcel publishes basic and advanced Excel tutorials. The channel has been around since 2008, so as long as you stay on top of software updates and new features, you’ll have a lot of power.

If you’re good at using programs like Photoshop, Premiere, PowerPoint, or any other application with a large user base, screencasting software tutorials can be your ticket to a profitable YouTube channel without showing up.

Crypto Channel

Encryption is the hottest trending topic today, and many people are researching it on YouTube and Google. Take advantage of this hot topic if you want to grow fast; of course, you have to have a solid understanding of it.

Many people want to know about crypto updates and predictions and you can help them by making great and expert videos about it. A lot of people think that crypto is about bitcoin, but the truth is that thousands of currencies have been introduced; you can tell people about it and tell them how to make money by investing.

You can start your video by explaining how to use cryptocurrencies, different types of cryptocurrencies, mining tips, how to diversify your portfolio, the best investment platforms and more.

To start a crypto channel, you need to analyze statistics, share your predictions of prosperity or inflation, and more.

Time-Lapse Video

Many people wonder how time-lapse videos are made because they are really beautiful, but don’t know the simple techniques to make them. Time-lapse photography can be made for anything; for example, you can turn on the camera, put a flower, and let it wilt. You can create accelerated videos and downgrade them over time.

You can create time-lapse videos with stars, clouds, fruits, cityscapes, and more. It has become a very popular concept over time, and many people see this type of video because they find it easy to follow the video by watching the steps. If you like to travel, you can turn your vlog videos into time-lapse videos and upload them to YouTube.

Creating interesting videos is important to you as this is a niche where you can quickly increase your subscribers.

Office or Home Tour

If you don’t want to be filmed but want to make money making videos on YouTube, you can also make videos at the office or during home visits. The great thing about these types of videos is that they can be applied to any type of channel you work on.

For example, if you run a culinary chain, you can showcase your kitchen. Or visit your music room if you are a musician etc. You don’t even need a photographer, you can shoot yourself and explain the equipment you use and how you work.

Facts YouTube Channel Ideas

Sharing strange facts or things about a place can be a really fun YouTube channel and can be made without showing up. To start a channel like this, you need to do a lot of research and research where the video is made.

You can make videos about haunted places, cursed places, puppets, less explored historical places, etc. Try to find source-related images and place them in your video. This is a great way to make ordinary videos unique and special; people love reading about these interesting places and learning more about them.

So if you’re good at researching and reading about new and mysterious places, you might consider this as an option.


When it comes to follower counts on Instagram, the rich and famous beat everyone else. If you love owning or reading about luxury items like watches, cars, pens, bags, shoes, etc., why not start your own YouTube channel and talk about it.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to own these things to start a channel; you can just talk about them, their value for money, ratings, cost, comparison to other similar brands, etc; the content will be available on the internet for free. All you need to do is research and collect data before you start creating videos. You can also create PPTs by editing images, stitching them together, and commenting on them.


You can also make documentaries as it is one of the best ways to present a visual summary of a specific event or historical event. This could be a great option for students, teachers, or anyone eager to learn about history. If you’re a history buff, you can share an event or story about history in a visual format.

Making a documentary is easy; all you need is to use real photos or videos to make it a good visualization. Remember that the images and videos you use must be directly related to your video content. After collecting all the data, you can add a beautiful voiceover to the documentary you make.

If you’re a beginner, you can watch other documentaries to learn how these were made and how to do things differently.

Tools and resources to create an anonymous YouTube channel

Tools and resources to create an anonymous YouTube channel

There is no shortage of tools and resources to help you develop your first anonymous video.

Screenflow (Mac users) – This is a video editing software focused on screen recording. This is what I use on many channels. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Mac users. Even with a Mac, it’s hard to work with other people (indie publishers, etc.) who don’t have a Mac.

Camtasia (Mac and PC) – This software is a different version of Camtasia. Personally, I prefer the Screenflow interface, but being able to collaborate with others regardless of the OS is a huge plus.

Doodly (web-based) – Very affordable animation software with a much lower learning curve than most popular animation tools. This is an animation of a normal Joe.

PowToon (Web Based) – Alternative to Doodly, but also more expensive.

Description (web-based) – This is the tool I use to edit my own recordings. This makes it easy to get rid of all those pesky “um and ah”s and add a studio-quality effect to your footage.

Story Blocks (Web Based) – An impressive library of video footage covering almost every topic you can use in your videos.

Fiver (freelancer service) is – Great place to find people who can help you create or edit anonymous YouTube videos.

Canva (Web-based) – The first web-based design tool. It’s very easy to use, affordable and has all the features you need to create complete images, slideshows, GIFs, and even videos.

TubeBuddy (web-based) – Monitor other anonymous YouTube channels to see what works for them and mimic it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can you be a faceless YouTuber?

A- You can create an anonymous YouTube channel in almost any niche. Choose a topic, create a video with illustrations or screenshots, vote on existing content in a feedback channel, or upload a video slideshow, there are a million ways to do it.

Q.2 What is an anonymous YouTube channel?

A- Faceless YouTube Video Ideas – While most YouTube streamers are known to be personalities, there is a huge market for faceless video content. If you’ve been waiting to start a YouTube channel because you’re worried about being in front of the camera, this list is for you.

Q.3 Which YouTube video will get the most views in 2022?

A- Music videos and content for kids are always at the top of the list of most viewed videos. If we look at the most viewed videos on YouTube in 2022, every video in the top 10 is either a music video or a nursery rhyme.

Q.4 Do hashtags work on YouTube?

A- Hashtags are keywords preceded by a # sign. Hashtags make it easy for creators to link their content to other videos on YouTube that share the same hashtag. They also allow viewers to quickly find similar content that shares the same hashtags.

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